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David vs. Goliath - A Righteous Tale



The epic story of David vs. Goliath from the Bible! Help David go from shepherd to hero with tons of slinging, lion fighting and lyre practice along the way! Can you get him ready to face Goliath?


You've read the story!  Now tap, tilt and swipe through it with David in this interactive story combined with mini-games! Dozens of immersive story chapters including over 100 achievements and 7 mini-games along the way. Spend hours unlocking and mastering all the challenges!


Walk with David as he demonstrates how to combine courage and preparation with God's destiny for our lives to overcome all odds - even when no one believes in us!  Well, no one except your sheep!


A new app combining great fun and Bible values in a modern way that both parents and kids will love!


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Practice Needed!  → Help David learn to use his sling!

Lion Chase! → Chase down that sheep-stealing Lion!

Lion Fight! → Fight the Lion to rescue your sheep!

Let's Get Lyre-ical! → Learn to play songs on David's Lyre!

Dressing For Battle! → Help David dress in the King's armor!

Five Smooth Stones! → Help David find stones for his sling!

Giant Fight! → Can you defeat Goliath in battle?

Sling Practice Pro! → Test your slinging accuracy! Compete with your friends using Game Center!


Each game includes an EASY and a HARD mode for just the right level of challenge for all ages!

• David!

• Spike the sheep (who thinks he's a dog)!

• David's zany dad and jealous brothers!

• Samuel the prophet (and his wife who shouldn't cook)!

• Goliath and his over-empowered shield bearer!

• King Saul and his spunky daughter, Merab!

• Scared Israelites!

• Mean Philistines!

• A sneaky lion!

• Talented sheep!

• Dancing mice!


• Beautiful animation   • Superb voice acting   • Original music   • Game Center


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